Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery

A cataract means that the eye lens becomes grayish, and in these cases the light which goes through the eye lens disperses, the vision becomes cloudy and the picture does not focus. The cataract is among one of the most frequent eye diseases, the first cause of blindness, however the healing is more and more successful. This problem may be rectified with the change of lens surgery, at the moment there is no other medical cure for cataract abolition, the only therapy is the operation.

The cataract surgery is an efficient, safe and one of the most effective ophthalmological treatments, in the course of which an artificial lens is built into the eye, and in this way the removed grayish cataract lens is substituted.  

Two types of artificial lenses are known, one of these is thee monofocal artificial lens, which has just one focus point. With such lenses the farsightedness can be corrected and the vision can be improved within a determined range. The multifocal lens have several focus points and guarantees acute vision for different distances, it is an effective method for farsightedness as well as for nearsightedness.

During the 15-20 minutes long procedure a series of drops will be placed into the eye of the patient in order to get them ready for the treatment, which will lightly numb the cornea of the eye and the patient will not feel any pain during the surgery. First a tiny cut is done on the eye, and after that a surgeon removes the grayish lens with a special appliance. The appliance uses water impulses in order to comminute and remove the grayish eye lens, but with the help of an ultrasound appliance the ill part of the eye is can be broken into small pieces and replaced. After the removal of the eye lens the eye specialist builds the artificial lens into the eye. After such procedure the visual acuity improves much quicker and there is a lower chance of a complication arising.    

After a cataract operation there is a need to rest, but on the same day or latest on the following day after the surgery the patient may leave home. The healing process is assisted by eye infection prevention drops, and it may occur that the patient has to wear a see-through eye veil, in the first place it is needed in order to prevent the patients of rubbing their eyes at night. The patient may watch television right after the surgery, but time is needed for the eye in order to obtain the final vision acuity. The total recovery may take up to one and half months, and after this – if needed the new glasses may be obtained.