Would you like to make the most of your time while spending your vacation abroad? Are you interested in more than visiting one destination during your stay?

Choose one of our private round trips to see Hungary or any other Central Eastern European country more detailed! Discover the most exciting cities and enjoy the cultural and hidden natural beauties. Besides the capitals, we take you to romantic small towns and charming countryside as well.

The most popular round trips in Hungary are the followings:

  • Best of Hungary – 5 days around the country
  • Castle Tour in Hungary – 6 days around the country

The best Central and East European round trips are:

  • Budapest - Vienna
  • Budapest – Bratislava- Prague
  • Budapest - Vienna – Prague
  • Budapest – Vienna – Prague – Cracow
  • Budapest – Vienna – Salzburg – Prague
  • Budapest – Zagreb – Ljubljana – Vienna

Routes are variable and trips can be organised tailor-made according to your needs and ideas. Length can be shortened or extended depending on your time. Round trips are available from minimum 2 people.

Please send your request via e-mail to