Dental treatments

Dental treatments

The demand for dental services in Hungary is at an undesirably low level: the majority of the people only visit a dentist in case of an emergency or excruciating pain, and most of them have not seen a dentist in years. The situation remains the same, despite the fact that social security not only covers emergency dental treatments but annual screening, treatment of dental and oral cavity diseases, as well as preventive measures and gum disease treatments.

This is in clear contrast with the European dental treatment market, where there is clearly a boom going on: citizens of EU member countries - many of whom are left without state-paid dental treatments, and private dental services in Western EU countries are extremely expensive - seek the services of Hungarian dentist en masse. The reason for this dental tourism is that in most other EU member countries, basic dental treatment is at least twice as expensive as in Hungary, and the difference is even higher in the case of aesthetical dentistry and tooth replacement, which have astronomical price tags.

Another good reason to take dental services in Hungary is that Hungarian dentists provide an exceptional high quality of service, and are highly sought after by foreign dental labs and dentistries, thanks to the excellent education they receive in Hungarian universities. Hungarian dental labs are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, comparable to those at the most expensive Western European clinics. The doctors and their assistants possess good foreign-language skills.

Dental centres in Budapest and the Hungarian countryside provide a welcoming, friendly environment. The quick, precise work which is performed with the least amount of pain inflicted quickly dissolves any initial fears patients may have ever had. Those who still have fears of pain and excessive discomfort may undergo treatment in anaesthesia or even under hypnosis.

All clinic offer a guarantee to a certain level to all tooth replacements and aesthetical treatments, but it's also possible to have oneself checked for early stages of oral cavity cancer.

There are more and more wellness centres in Hungary that feature a dental clinic, so many visitors to Hungary take care of these necessary dental matters while taking a good rest. Aside from a relaxing holiday, there are many medical and aesthetical treatments available in Hungary.

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