By plane
Beside Budapest Ferihegy there are altogether 19 smaller airport borders in Hungary . These airports welcome flights from other cities of Hungary , but the price-level of this type of travelling is much higher as compared to other possibilities.

By car
The road network of Hungary is more than 30.000 Km long. The road system of Hungary is Budapest centralised, the 8 most important roads (most of the Motorways) start from the Capital.

By Bus
Hungary has a very well developed internal bus network, with which you can reach any part of the country. In Budapest there are three main Bus stations:
Erzsébet tér bus terminal - Direction Western-Hungary
Népstadion bus terminal - Direction Eastern-Hungary
Árpád híd bus terminal - Direction Danube-bend
Volánbusz Rt. and timetable

By train
The main centre of Hungary 's train network is Budapest . From its three main railway stations (Southern, Eastern, Western) you can travel all around Hungary . From the capital to the other main cities and towns of Hungary there are scheduled intercity and express lines.
Elvira online timetable and prices


On the Danube :
From Budapest to the Danube Bend scheduled ships
Sightseeing tour within Budapest
Hungarian Shipping Company

On Lake Balaton :
Scheduled ships and ferries
 Balaton Shipping Company

City public transportation
The public transportation of the cities is well developed, buses, trolleys and in the main cities ( Budapest , Debrecen , Szeged , Miskolc ) trams provide comfortable and rapid transport. In Budapest you can also use underground, metro and HÉV (suburban railway). Budapest public transport