Casinos in Budapest fall into two major categories: regular casinos and gaming rooms. The major difference between the two types is that casinos require a passport or an official ID card.

There are three casinos in Budapest: one in Buda and two in downtown Pest. The gaming rooms advertise themselves with predilection as casinos, although there is quite a difference between the two both in terms of gameplay and winning odds, in favour of the casinos. All of the casinos offer a wide range of casino games like blackjack, slots, roulette or video poker.

Here's an interesting fact for you, New Zealanders have the highest density of online gamblers in the world. What else is there to do on a small rock in the middle of the ocean? Just check out the hundreds of online casinos they have! There are some casinos in Hungary, but there is such rich and diverse culture in Budapest only serious gamblers are likely to visit them.

If you prefer to play online you can check csaion and gambling sites that offer coupons like bonus code.

Budapest does however enable you to enjoy gambling in beautiful surroundings, as does much of Europe. These countries also allow you to play online, take Switzerland for example (another great country) - there are many opportunities to enjoy online and land-based casinos.

For the avid poker fan, there are also many opportunities to play in casinos across Hungary and in Budapest. Poker is also popular online in Hungary and across Europe, making it easy to play whenever you want without the need to visit a live casino.

Beside Budapest there is another country with a lot of casino options, Australia. As Australia is named the island of luck, ofcourse, there are fine casinos to find. Not only landbased but also online casino options are hughe.

South Africa has a lot of online gambling options just like the Budapest casinos. A online casino south africa is a nice place to play, even when you are not from there. Try it when you can’t go to one of the three Budapest casinos and try your luck.

Looking further south towards Australia, if it is real money pokies you are after, then sites like Aristocrat Pokies will allow you to enjoy playing online without any hassles.

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Budapest truly makes for an ideal andidyllic holiday location. The reasons are varied but it comes down to the city’scultural and historic background.Itsrich heritage consists of Celtic, Roman, Hungarian, Mongol and Ottomaninfluences – all fighting for or occupying the city that would be Budapest. Asa result of a melting pot of cultures and thus influences, the city of Budapestis breathtakingly beautiful. In more recent times the city has seen its fareshare of revolutions – the last one back in 1956. These days it’s seen as afinancial hub in Central Europe, is ranked as one of the most liveable citieswith regards to the EIU’s quality of life index and is rated 7th asthe most idyllic place to live.The cityalso has a thriving casino industry – not huge, but still worth mentioning.Although there are a number of casinos within the city, the two biggest onesare the Las Vegas Casino and the Tropicana Casino. More about top budapest casinos