The Praline Deluxe Tour

Program Location: 1162 Budapest, Bekecs u. 22.
Program Dates: 2018-02-12 - 2050-12-31

It is an excellent weekend program for the whole family! The tour stars at the entrance of the museum, at the chocolate fountain. Every guest takes a delicious sweet, hold  it under the flowing chocolate, and eat it. In the Rákóczi Knighthall we take a view at the Rákóczi paintings and we taste a special chocolate.

We take a common walk on the Square of the Chocolates,where You can see show-windows from the turn of the century,during this You can listen some stories about the chocolate and taste hungarian chocolates. We can touch a sixty years old chocolate in porcelain.

We visit the Rákóczi Cellar. When we walk between bottles from the turn of the century we taste Pálinka. The children, and under the age of 18 get chocolates. The secret room open, where many interesting things waiting for us.

The visitors make the own chocolate too. You give a sweet cookie basket, and You hold it under the flowing chocolate, and fill it with that. After You can spice it for example wit chili, colorful candies, cinnamon, coconut. We will put it a gift box, and the end of the tour You can bring it home, maybe it is a perfect present. Until the own chocolate becames stable, everybody pick up a cup of hot chocolate, and sit in the Filmmuseum, where we show You the history of the chocolate with an old movie. During the movie there is opportunity to taste different chocolates. After the movie, there is a presentation, and some interesting information, and if You have any question, You can ask it.

The end of the program, we visit the Stühmer Chocolateshop authentic copy, and if You would You can buy the best chocolates of Europe in the modelshop of the Chocolate Museum.

The duration of the tour is one and half hours.

Ticket: 4.490.- HUF or 15 EUR/ person

Before wisiting the museum, please call us for appointment: +36308221881