Cimbaliband and Dóra Danics

Program Location: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.
Program Dates: 2018-12-13 - 2018-12-13

13 December 2018, Thursday
8 pm — 9:40 pm

Müpa Tent 

After nine full-length albums, the cimbalom-driven juggernaut of Cimbaliband shows no sign of slowing down. The band's music blends that Eastern Europe feeling with folk music and crowd-pleasing modern musical styles. The band members have a significant folk music past, so we can be sure that the broth in their 'witches' cauldron' is made from authentic musical ingredients. Their musical delicacies are presented in songs based on the sound of the cimbalom (a type of chordophone) and seasoned with a little jazz, Latin music and Balkan rhythms. It's no surprise that music magazines have labelled the Gödöllő-born Balázs Unger 'the Chuck Berry of the cimbalom'! Employing a variety of styles, his rapid riffs propel and direct his band with this special instrument, an authentic, acoustic-style Hungarian 'mixing-deck'.