Etyek-Buda Wineregion

Etyek-Buda Wineregion

2091 Etyek, Kossuth u. 35

The Etyek-Buda wine region located at the border of Budapest, covers an area of about 5632 hectares (about 22 square miles).

The settlement of Etyek is located 30 km (19 miles) from the capital, in the hilly landscape of Etyek region, at the north-east corner of Fejér County. This area produces high acidity in the grapes, in part due to the unique terroir.

The vineyards are on wind swept plateaus graced by sunny hillsides whose basis is limestone layered over brown forest soils.

“Etyek, the vineyards of Budapest” Since the Roman Empire grapes have been grown in this region. Records from the 13th century certify that wine was being produced here in the Buda mountains. The vineyards flourished and grape growing became a main source of livelihood for the people of the region.

According to original documentation written by King Ladislaus IV chronicler, Margaret, the second wife of King Béla III was accompanied by a noble knight, Aynard when she arrived in Hungary in 1186. The king welcomed the escort of his wife to stay and granted Aynard the rich lands of Zsámbék. This generous gift was accepted as Aynard's family originally came from Champagne – which this region very closely resembles.

Many of the grape growing traditions practiced today can trace their origins to the first half of the 18th century. After expelling the Turks, German wine growers were invited to settle in the region and after a few decades a booming agricultural trade was established. Settling the Germans was supported by the Hungarian Royal Chamber and the religious and secular landlords. In Fejèr county the members of the Hochburg and Esterházy families and the Jesuit Order organized the settling of mainly Catholic Germans.

Many compare the landscape endowments of the Etyek region with those of the Champagne. This observation led Mr. József Törley to establish the largest sparkling wine production which produced wines made from local grape varieties and won international accolades and respect.

The country men of Etyek also worked for the Archduke Joseph in Alcsùtdoboz, a town in the vicinity of Etyek, and the surrounding vineyards in Göbölpuszta and in the wine production cellar. This cellar is now an integral part of Etyek Kúria today.

Of the original 1000 wineries that were established, today there are only 120 operating wineries in the region.