Lutheran Church

8600 Siófok, Fő u.220
+36 84 310 549
+36 84 310 549

Imre Makovecz, an architect who has fused the traditions of vernacular architecture with the most modern techniques, designed this truly unusual Lutheran church.

As in most of the architect's other buildings, wood, as a natural building material, is dominant. The tower is crowned with a Cross that emerges from the Tree of Life, symbolising that the Cross of Golgotha is not a sign of death rather one showing the path to eternal life.

The church has four entrances and 150 seats. The angel wings above its main entrance protect those who enter. Above the east-facing altar László Péterffy's Statue of The Resurrected (A feltámadott) can be seen.

Church service: Sunday 9.30, 10.00