Töreki Colony of Artists

Töreki Colony of Artists

8600 Siófok, Diófás u. 147.
+36 30 996-4800
+36 1 200-5195

The main purpose of the Töreki Art-Colony is to become acquainted with more Hungarian and Central-European artists, to initiate and establish a successive mutual contract; on the other hand, to gauge its own situation and potentials in order to realise a long-term strategy.

The Töreki Colony of Artists is endeavouring from the beginnings to stand for qualitative arts and to create value.

 In the long-term, the Colony wishes to further a business career as well. The exact modes of refund will be set by the first two years' practice.

  • The Töreki Colony of Artists is striving to create a continuously growing contemporary art- collection of high quality.
  • The general artistic concept of the Colony: Invited to take part are those artists who are known and recognised by the contemporary art- critique, the academic profession and the art-market. Besides, the Colony is undertaking to discover young artists, therefore, to invite artists who have not obtained fame and name in the profession yet, but by profiting from the possibilities that the Colony offers they can come up to the regards of the academic profession and the market.

Thus the Töreki Colony of Artists provides a certain form of management for these creators with the purpose to support the flourishing of their professional career.

The Colony does not determine either the style of the artists, or the recurring and popular themes of their work, neither age nor nationality of the invited are any criteria. The Colony is not committing itself to any school or style, neither to any group of artists nor to any artistic ideology. The two main aspects of inviting the artists are their professional recognition and the opinion of the curators of those artists who were discovered by the colony.

According to their abilities, painters and graphic artists are primarly invited.

  • The Colony of artists wishes to accomplish a collection of paintings and graphics. These pieces of art are obtained in two possible ways: through the invitations of the artists to the colony and by purchasing their works.

The aim of the colony of artists is to provide a profesional background for contemporary art. The best works made here are shown in the yearly published Töreki Almanac.