Gay Budapest

Gay Budapest

The gay and lesbian community in Budapest has witnessed great improvements to their social status since 1990, the fall of the Communist regime. Being gay is now socially and legally accepted, and this helps "coming out", or admitting to one's environment the fact about their sexuality. Today the gay community in Budapest is rather open, as opposed to the past's secrecy. The annual Gay Pride Festival has been organized every year since 1993, with a street march and various parties afterwards. There are about a dozen bars, clubs and venues in Budapest that are visited mostly by gay people. The Hungarian Parliament has passed a law in 2007 that allows gays and lesbians to live together in a "registered relationship".

Gay bars

  • Habroló Bisztró, V. Szép u. 1/b. – Nice bar with great karaoke parties -
  • Funny Carrot, V. Szép u. 1/b. - A little, friendly bar –
  • Why Not, V. Belgrád rakpart 3-4. - A very pleasant place on the bank of the Danube. More gay visitors in the evening –
  • Madrid Café & Bar, V. Semmelweis utca 17 - Gay-friendly café and bar with friendly staff -
Gay cruising bars
  • Action Bar, V. Magyar utca 42. - Cruising for men only with special shows Friday and Saturday after midnight -
  • CoXx, VII. Dohány utca 38. - Cruising bar for men only with a large cruising area -
  • Alterego bar&lounge, VI.ker Dessewffy u. 33. - the most exclusive and exciting gay club with drag shows.. Open Friday and Saturday
  • Capella Café, V. Belgrád rkp. 23. - Disco with two dancefloors. Not gay, but with drag shows -
  • Club Underworld, VII, Dohány utca 20-22, open every day with drag shows on weekends. Mixed crowd.
Gay&Lesbian parties
Gay and lesbian parties are quite popular in Budapest right now. Check their facebook pages for event dates.

Gay parties:
  • Garçons, Hello, !Tape, Brutkó Diszkó, Garage, Confetti, Liberty
Lesbian parties:
  • Ösztrosokk, WOW
Gay-friendly restaurants and cafés
  • Club 93 Pizzéria, VIII. Vas utca 2. - One of the oldest "gay" restaurants with plenty of pizza and pasta
  • Szociális helység, VII, Kazinczy u 52/c, lesbian, gay, the heart of Budapest hip town.

Gay-friendly saunas

Magnum Sauna, VIII. Csepreghy utca 2. The first gay sauna in Budapest, operating since 2001 and with a full gym. Mixed friendly crowd and very popular naked parties Friday night at 10 pm and Sunday afternoon at 5 pm -
Szauna 69, IX. Angyal utca 2. -


KM Saga and Connection are gay owned and operated.
Otherwise, you should have no problem as a gay person or couple staying in a Budapest hotel.
Useful information
Gay helpline (Háttér) Tel.: +36-1-329-3380, everyday 18.00-23.00
Budapest Pride - organizers of Pride March and Gay Festivals

Gay websites