Szent Michael church

Szent Michael church

9400 Sopron, Szentlélek u. 2.
+36 99 508-080

On the highest point of Sopron stands the oldest church of the town dedicated to St Michael. Originally Romanesque, it was built in the 13th century but was reconstructed in the Gothic style in the 15th century. Its current shape was achieved during a 19th-century neo-Gothic refurbishment.

The medieval origin of the lower level of the spire dominating the west facade is evident, but the porch with its archivolts, the tower's lancet windows and the round balcony of the steeple all date from the 19th century. The buttresses holding the nave are also of medieval origin.

The stone ribs in the sanctuary accentuate the neo-Gothic altar designed by the restorer Ferenc Storno. The 13th-century octagonal St James Chapel has preserved its Romanesque characteristics to this day. Another particularity of the chapel is the figure of a dragon carved into the pediment of one of its entrances.

Inside the church 15th-century statues have been preserved and fragments of wall paintings from the same period uncovered and partly renewed. A stunning wooden Madonna carved around 1460-1470 can be admired in its original splendour.

The earliest headstones displayed in the churchyard date from the 17th century; some are of a late Renaissance style.

The church can be visited upon appointment (+36 99 508-080‎).